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Student Volunteer Program

The Central Insider Agency (C.I.A.) is Insider's volunteer program for students interested in working at live events.


As any good C.I.A. agent knows, it's their job to stay on top of what's going on, what's cool, and what everyone needs to know. You are part of Insider's intelligence agency, taking information out on the coolest/ biggest/ craziest live properties in India and bringing information in what's going on in the big rad world of young citizens.

Things you should know before applying:

This is an unpaid volunteer program. Certificates of experience will be provided on completion of the event/ program.

You can either choose to be part of the C.I.A. which runs through the year, or opt to volunteer on the days of the events only.

Your work will range from assistance in various areas of running a live property, primarily marketing in your college network prior to the event and providing support for other marketing and ticketing activities, and on the day event support in different areas such as box-office, food & beverages, live video/photography and more.

There's little glamour, loads of learning, teamwork and plenty of high-fives! 

Write to help@insider.in or message us on Facebook or Twitter, if you have any further questions!